We define excellence and we deliver it.

Ipaco consult founded 1979 by Dr. Mohammed Shawki El Metainy, it was reformed by Eng. Maged Mohamed El Metainy in 2009, the company have an interest in companies and others that carry out activities similar to its own or which may contribute to the fulfillment of its object in Egypt or abroad.
Ipaco Consult offers consultation services, and marked studies for projects related to the aviation sector in egypt, except for financial and  legal consultations, while observing the provisions of the laws, regulations, and decisions in force, And all the licenses necessary
for practicing these activities.
Also Ipaco consult have 40 years experience in market knowledge, management, and negotiating skills in the field.
The company committed to provide superior value and service to our customers and sustained profitability to our clients by investing in our people and services.
At Ipaco we lead through innovation and outstanding privacy, efficiency, and functioning.

Company Policy Statement

All IPACO policies, including this Code, arise from our Core Values.
These common values are must, therefore, it inspires all our actions and decisions,
and provides a benchmark for everyone involved.
To promote the goals of our company, direction has adopted official Policy Statements
on the following major points:
• DIVERSITY : Public policy promoting diversity and inclusion.
• EDUCATION : Academic Prerequisites for Licensure and Professional Practice Support for Higher Education.
• GOVERNMENT : Professional Grade Salary Structure for employees.
• INTERNATIONAL : Relationships with Organizations in Other Countries including Visas and National Security.
• LICENSURE : Licensure Examinations for employees.
• PROCUREMENT/CONTRACT ISSUES: Warranty and Guarantee Clauses for Professional service Contracts.
• PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT : Public Involvement in the Decision Making Process.
• QUALITY/STANDARDS : Quality Management System Standards.
• RESEARCH : Research depends on Standards and Technology.

Aim of company Business

  1. Productivity of People and Resources.
  2. Excellent Customer Service.
  3. Employee Attraction and Retention.
  4. Mission-driven Core Values.
  5. Sustainable Growth.
  6. Dealing with Change.
  7. Reaching the Right Customers.
  8. Staying Ahead of the Competition.